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What the Students Say

"God definitely has used and continues to use Wesley to make an impact in my life! Before school started I was praying so hard as to which college to attend. I narrowed it down, but I was just so unsure of where I should be. Then I was asked out of the blue and invited to Wesley and told about the praise team. That was the beginning of a whole series of events that confirmed that God wanted me in Columbus. I received my first hugs of college at Wesley and they came at a much needed time. Having somewhere to come that instantly felt like home made all the difference in adjusting to college life. All of the people feel like family and God is constantly on the move. Being in the praise team is a blessing to me because music is where I worship the most and it is how I feel the most connected to God. To have the opportunity to be a part of the worship is a growing experience for me in many ways, but it is also confirmation of my calling in life. Wesley has been a huge blessing in my life and I wouldn't be growing as much without it. I am thankful for the safe haven that Wesley is for students at the W. "

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